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I have been working on Origami as a part of Google Summer of Code for the last 4 months with CloudCV and it has been an excellent experience. I have been able to complete almost all of the features we had decided at the start of the summer. While working on the projects I have learned a lot of new things ranging from React to configuring projects for a production environment. In addition to that, my coding style has improved a lot and this was something which only Open Source could help me with. I would like to thank my mentors Deshraj Yadav, Ashish Chaudhary and Harsh Agrawal for giving me this opportunity and guiding me throughout the GSoC period. This post serves as a summary of all the work that I have done during the GSoC period. For a detailed overview of the first 2 months, check my previous post.


Here is a list of all the merged PRs:

#42 : Introduces Ant Design and changes the home page

#43 and #44: Segregates the documentation from the main app and switches to read the docs

#45: Introduces Django Rest Framework with mongo to the project

#46: Translates the backend to Django and replaces with Django Channels

#47: Configures the old React frontend to use a Django backend

#48: Adds webpack configuration for production

#49: Adds settings for user to define HOST and PORT

#50: Adds asgi file for Django Channels

#51: Changes webpack plugins for production

#52: Adds a deployment script

#53: Adds configuration to use PostgreSQL for the DB

#54: Creates base components library for components to inherit from

#55: Modifies my demos page to use AntD and homepage to display sider instead of the Material UI navbar

#56: Changes the share profile page to use ant design

#57: Adds the frontend for the discover page where users can search for demos and users

#58: Adds the backend APIs for the discover page

#59: Dockerizes the application for ease of use

#60 and #61: Allows users to mix input components when creating demos thus doing away with the need to write code

#62: Allows the demo creator to add sample image inputs which the users can select instead of uploading images.

#63: Gets the project to always display the initial setup page if settings aren't present

#64: Only display 4 demos in a row

#65: Remove non working components from the nav bar

#68: Adds logo to the nav bar

#69: Fixes deleting demos from the my demos page. is not a function is no longer displayed.

#70: Updates the readme

#71: Updates the documentation

#72: Move the new prop-types package from the deprecated Proptypes in the main package

#73: Allows users to search for demos even when not logged in

#74: Minor fixes for the UI

Discover Page


Sample Inputs

Sample Input

To conclude, I would definitely recommend everyone to contribute to Open Source projects. If you would like to contribute to CloudCV, please checkout this link.

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